I am joining up with my good friends Heather and Mary on another project, in which we post one list a week in 2011 resulting in 52 lists.

List 2: 10 Things to Do in 2011

1. Sell our house and buy a new one in Raymond

2. Get into shape. Like actual in shape. Running and everything.

3. Go on a trip with Regan and me (sans kids)

4. Sew at least 4 articles of clothing. Not just altering something but sewing it.

5. Take a picture of our family with everyone in it once a month

6. Sew curtains for Eli’s room and hang them up

7. Refinish my headboard and actually use it on my bed.

8. I am going to learn to crochet this YEAR. (and maybe even Knit)

9. I am going to build something. Book shelves, a bedside table, I don’t know what. But something.

10. Mail out Valentine’s day cards (instead of Christmas cards)

11. Potty Train Eli.

12. Purge, purge, purge, My entire house. And Purge again. Too much stuff.

13. Fix the second hand lamp I got that matches the one we already have. (Finish them both!)