I asked Reg what some of my quirks were. It is kind of hard to think of them about yourself. Cause you do it, and normally you wouldn’t do something you thought was quirky. Would you? hhhhmmmmm….. ANYWAYS,

1. I make the bed in the morning while I am still in it. As in I sit at the top of the bed pull the blankets and sheets up around me so they are neat and then slip out of it. Fix the top. Add the decorative pillows and done.

2. I detest people clicking their pens. It drives me batty. Go ahead and scratch the blackboard that won’t bother me, but clicking pens. ANNOYING. I’ve gotten a lot better about this as I get older. But man I just do not like that.

3. I get waaaay more books out the library than I will ever read. Like i love books. And I come home with these piles of books. I do read a lot but it would be physically impossible to read all the books I bring home. Yet I keep doing it. Cause they look great and they are right there!

4. I have trouble throwing away papers. So I keep them in piles. And more piles. Mostly hidden. And then I have one crazy day where I go through and throw them all away (or file). WHY can’t I just throw them away when they come in?? who knows!

5. I have a color coded closet. I don’t really think that’s quirky (I think it’s smart) but Reg does. 🙂

6. I always finish eating first. Even if I started last, I finish first. I’m not trying to eat fast, I just do.

7. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I always make my blog posts come up at 6am. Why 6am? I have no idea. I think it started cause I thought people I know out east get up earlier then out here so I started doing it then.

8. When I use the microwave I always use straight lines when typing in the numbers. Mostly 123. Even if I think it needs longer I’ll just do 123 then when it runs out of time add 123 and run it again. Or stop it in the middle and reset.

9. If I was driving and you told me to turn left or right, I would shake both my hands to see which one I wrote with so I knew which way to turn.

10. I always say thank you out loud to other drivers. Who can’t hear me. (and Lucy is always asking me who I am talking too.)

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