To tell the truth I can’t even REMEMBER 10. My mom was NOT a fan of halloween. She still isn’t (funny I married someone with the same feelings about the holiday!).

Instead I will list things I remember about Halloween as a kid at our house.

1. My mom made donuts and handed them out. Since we lived in a small town (not even big enough to be a town – it’s actually a hamlet!) you could hand out things you made. And you ate them.

2. Our costumes were always made from things around the house. A plaid shirt and jeans made a farmer or a Hutterite. A white sheet over you made a ghost. We didn’t buy costumes. That went against everything my mother feels about halloween!

3. I think there are two pools of thought about candy and kids at Halloween. The parents that ration out the candy their kids collect and the ones who just let their kids eat it all and then it’s gone (usually ending up in stomach aches for the kids.) My parents were the second type. Eat it all at once and get it done. Although me and my brother Justin usually hid pieces around our rooms to save for later.

4. I remember one year when my brother Bryan had an eye patch. (from an icicle falling into his eye. Seriously. And I was standing with him. It was FREAKY) ANYWAYS, he was a cowboy with an eye patch. Makes perfect sense.

5. We ALWAYS used our pillow cases to collect the candy.

6. My mom thought that once you reached 12 going trick or treating was not acceptable.

7. We carved pumpkins but never decorated in any other way.

8. I remember learning that if you went to the “rich” houses you got GOOD candy.

9. I’ve never liked the yucky part of halloween. Especially as a kid. I don’t like being scared. Some people find it funny. I never have. Ask Reg ūüôā

10. I’ve never seen either one of my parents dress up in a costume.