List 87: Things I love about my son:

1. His creativity
2. How comfortable he is with himself.
3. His handsome blue eyes and blonde hair
4. How he helps take care of Oliver.
5. How whenever I am wearing my housecoat he loves to snuggle with me in it.
6. His tender heart.
7. To hear his testimony about the gospel growing.
8. His random knowledge about things (just like his dad)
9. His love of math.
10. His goofy antics.

1. His sense of Humor!!!
2. His voice. I wish you could all hear it!
3. His handsome blue eyes and blonde hair
4. How me makes up words… like motorbikle… or bazanga…. etc
5. How much energy the child has!
6. How he can NOT put his underwear on the right way… EVER.
7. His ability to get people to do what he wants and they never even notice…. (well I have a love-hate relationship with THAT one!)
8. His fake laugh that he thinks is hilarious.
9. His curiosity about life.
10. His absolute silliness.

Smiley Man
1. His laugh.
2. How he looks at me with SUCH love and adoration.
3. His handsome blue eyes and blonde hair
4. How he does a slow motion double blink now when he notices he is the center of attention.
5. His sweet little hands.
6. How he laughs SO hard when I growl at him.
7. How his face lights up when he sees me.
8. His tickley spots on his legs.
9. How much his face lights up when he sees his siblings.
10. How hard he laughs when on the trampoline.

List 88: Things to do this Fall:
1. Can some food. (Check).
2. Go on a sans kids trip.
3. Enjoy a fire.
4. Buy a cute sweater? 🙂
5. Get the kids rooms decorated.
6. Get ready for another baby.