List 16: Ten things I’d like my kids to know about me

1. I’m doing my best. I’m trying each day to be a good mom.
2. I had a full time job before you came along and I want to be at home with it. It’s a choice. And I’ve made it.
3. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real and alive.
4. I try to show love to you with food.
5. I looooove to read.
6. I believe Art is part of life. Creativity is something that is inside of everyone and we all can use it.
7. I love your dad. A Lot.
8. I started taking pictures because of you kids. And you are still my favorite subjects.
9. I’m forgetful. So remind me.
10. I love you more than I express or show.

List 17: Jobs I’d be good at
hmmmm this one feels a little like boasting!

1. Photographer. (hahahahaha)

2. Caterer. I’ve always wanted to give my hand at it. But I probably never will.

3. Secretary. I’ve always thought I’d be a good secretary too. Answering phones, organizing papers (can’t do my own at home – but in an office I’d be awesome! HA!)

4. Wedding Planner & Designer. I can’t wait for Lucy to get married so we can make all kinds of cute things for it. HAHAHAHA It’ll be a while!

5. Tour Guide. I used to do it for one summer and I loved it. ūüôā

6. Reality TV Show Host