List 72: I love it when people….

1. Send thank you’s
2. Come over for dinner
3. Open the door for you
4. Invite us over
5. Comment on my blog ūüôā
6. are kind

And last weeks

List 71: Things to do when it’s raining outside

1. watch movies
2. bake stuff ie cookies, bread, buns, etc
3. scrapbook
4. make play tents for the kids
5. jump in the puddles.
3 May 2012

And the week before that…..

List 70: Things I love about being a mom

1. hugs & kisses
2. that my kids are mine
3. that I get to be a parent with Regan
4. seeing the uniqueness of my kids
5. watching the joy my kids bring to my parents and inlaws
6. watching my kids learn
7. reading books with my kids
8. doing crafts and art with my kids
9. when they make me laugh
10. the special spirit in the room after giving birth when that new spirit has joined us on earth