Listography 5: 10 things I love about Lucy

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1. That she likes to cook and bake with me

2. The way she says something and then says “right mom?” in this sweet little voice that is hard to describe.

3. That she can mostly read and did it mostly on her own

4. That she has a testimony of God and loves to bear it to other people.

5. That she loves arts and crafts as much as I do

6. Her heaps of creativity

7. Her sweet blue eyes

8. When she decides to be helpful she can do a lot and especially helps out with Eli

9. How she calls her pj’s her “night night clothes”

10. That she loves to sing and wants to be a singer when she grows up


7 thoughts on “Listography 5: 10 things I love about Lucy

  1. She looks a lot like Alden in the picture to me. Love her hair this lenght.
    Roman is excited right now because he just brought home that same craft from school last week.

  2. Ya, she is pretty awesome. If I were to add one to the list, it would be the way she squinches up her nose when she is laughing at something I’ve said.

  3. She is such an awesome little girl. I love when she says, “right, Mom” to you too – so sweet. My favourite thing about her is how well she plays with my girl. She’s such a gem.

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