feb 9- My boys

I love…
1. That he is completely himself. In all situations and around all people. I love that he is so comfortable with himself to not be influenced to be how he thinks people think he should be.
2. How artistic and creative he is.
3. that he still sakes to snuggle with me.
4. his laugh and smile.
5. how smart he is.
6. that he knows the Gospel and has strong testimony.
7. I love how handsome he is
8. how much he admires his dad
9. how he plays with Lucy
10. that he is so even tempered and rarely gets mad.

I love…
1. how light hearted and happy he is.
2. his cute little voice.
3. how he says my name.
4. his sweet kissable cheeks.
5. how excited he gets when anyone in the family gets home.
6. his sweet hugs.
7. his little laugh.
8. how much he loves his mommy.
9. how easy it is to make him laugh.
10. his beautiful blue eyes.