list 80: the best part about getting older
1. Becoming more comfortable with myself
2. The kids that have joined our family
3. Growing older with Regan and our marriage getting better and better.
4. Learning and growing.

list 79: 34 things about me

1. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a kid. So much that when I went to sleep I would try to be a ballet position so that if someone pulled my covers off quickly I would look like a ballerina.
2. I have a headache most days. (sadly just like my friend Heather)
3. I have a bad back. It hurts me a lot.
4. I want to be more organized but I have trouble actually BEING organized.
5. I am terrible at calling people back.
6. I am forgetful about lots of things but if it matters a LOT I won’t forget it.
7. I have size 12 feet.
8. I am not a morning person and I am not really a night owl. I think of myself as more of a noon person ūüôā
9. I am tired pretty much all the time.
10. I love sugar way to much.
11. I like meeting new people but I often feel like people forget about me easily. I am a fairly forgettable person.
12. I don’t like people peppering me with questions. It kind of drives me crazy.
13. I have a hard time getting out of a bad mood when I am in one.
14. I want too many things and I hate that about myself and still I am the same.
15. I wish I was motivated to exercise.
16. I am pregnant with my 5th child and yes it was a surprise.
17. I often feel like my mother is too busy to spend time with me and I hope that I do not make my kids feel that way ever.
18. I want to go on a trip badly.
19. I would love to hold more dinner parties.
20. I love magazines a lot. Lately especially food ones and decorating ones.
21. I dream about my dream house almost every day and plan what things there should be in it.
22. I wish I was a good gardener but then I never actually put forth the effort to be good at it.
23. I am a terrible budgeter and wish I was better at it.
24. I can not sleep without a fan going in my room.
25. My hair on my neck lately drives me crazy. So since getting a short hair cut I am not really a fan of it.
26. I get discouraged easily some days.
27. I love grocery shopping.
28. I love eating out at restaurants but I also love cooking good food at home.
29. I’ve always wanted to write a book.
30. I think I am pretty good at seeing others needs and doing something for them but lately I have not been doing anything for anyone and that makes me feel unhappy.
31. I wish I was thinner.
32. I used to struggle with an eating disorder and I have to be careful about the way I think about my weight.
33. I love clipping my kids nails.
34. I worry way to much about what others think about me but I have gotten way better the older I have gotten.