Little moments

The other morning I was feeling frustrated about getting things done. I am a list maker. An accomplisher. Give me a list of tasks and I’d love to get them done & check them off. At the end of the day, I measure my daily success in tasks crossed off. Lately that isn’t the way my life works. I still make lists. But I know even while I’m making them that only 10% of them even have a remote chance of getting done. I hate that. I’m trying to not let it make me crazy.

I am trying to just put less stuff on my list. That seems like a smarter choice. I’m trying to just sit down and watch as Oliver enjoys his new favorite food:  mini wheats.


One thought on “Little moments

  1. Great pictures! Mini wheats are the best. My girls request them more than anything else.

    I am learning to make my lists a little smaller as well. I am trying to lower my expectations of what I will accomplish each day. I find I am happier to sit back and ‘enjoy’ the kids instead of being frustrated about what I didn’t do.

    I was most tired of cleaning the kitchen 5 times a day and decided it wasn’t worth spending my day in the kitchen doing something I hated. I told Ian this weekend that I was only going to do the dishes once a day now. He wasn’t too impressed… but I’m thrilled 🙂 I feel like I have so much more time!!!

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