I’m starting a new photo project this year with photography friends. I love all these ladies photography and so it’s great to link up with them every month! This is our year theme:



As I have gotten older I have found that the skies are something that I look to often. I enjoy the playing of the light in the clouds and the colors that are splashed across the openness. I am obsessed with the clouds and the movement that is found up above.


Some days darkness is spread like emotions bubbling inside of someone. I know that feeling. I’ve felt it.

Instructionsforlife-Jan-7321But the darkness can end and a spot of light can emerge through the clouds. Sometimes it’s within minutes and some days it lasts the whole day. The next morning the light always comes back. Starting small and building until the sky is filled with light. It is a comforting and encouraging thing to watch the light start as a small speck and grow until it is the most powerful thing around, shedding light onto everything else.

I’ve felt that too. Hope and joy filling my heart after a hard day. Small, lovely moments found in the middle of my day. And if I focus on those small, joyful things they can fill my heart and day with more happiness. I heard a quote that I often think of now when I am staring away at the skies. “It is better to look up.”


I love finding peace in the skies and how it helps me think of God. It also reminds me to look for the moments of joy and beauty in my daily life and to remember and pay attention to those.


I’m excited about this whole year of thinking about this quote and helping it to guide my monthly habit. And I’m excited about all the lovely ladies who will be sharing in this project: AndreaErinNaomiKinsey &  Brooke

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