Above my stairs I have a photo wall that I love. But I have a few empty frames that need to be filled. Funny thing is most of these old frames are not regular sizes so I’ve had to get things printed and then cut them to size. But they also have no backings and no glass. Yep in some ways it’s a pain. (But my mom gave them all to me free so that is good!)


Well I was thinking about my frames one night and thought of making something to fill one of them. And this is it.

I made it with my fancy Silhouette Cameo machine .

My supplies: an old painted frame, a pile of 12×12 chipboard pieces, and some cardstock in colors I didn’t like.

First I cut out 12×12 whole background sheets on my Cameo.
I used background_double_chevron_C01271_19547, large_eyelet_lace_C00057_19547, a scalloped background (I couldn’t find to link again) and a moroccan background (also couldn’t find).

After I cut them all out I glued them onto my chipboard pieces and fit them together to make the size of my frame.

Like this (my color is all off on this picture…. whoops)

The I painted the whole thing with my favorite gray from Martha Stewart called Driftwood gray

Coat one – the paper started to buckle a bit so I had to press it down after…

Coat two

Then I added my vinyl letters. I don’t have any vinyl for my Silhouette or else I could have just cut this part out too but instead I had to ask a lady who cuts vinyl to cut it for me.

And this is the end result again.

Love is Spoken HereHere it is on my wall…


(one more frame to go… and lots to straighten 🙂 )

And this little man laid beside me while I worked on it 🙂
13 March 2012

My art that a few of you have asked about was done similarly.
28 February 2012
Except i bought a 24×36 canvas and painted it (the same gray) and then put my vinyl on top. I also got it cut by the same lady. She doesn’t have a website but she has an email that you can order from her if you want. Email me and i’ll forward it along to her if you’d like.

Linking it up here:

The 36th AVENUE