I found some super cute things to share.

One: these camera bags oh MY I’d love one! Look at how CUTE they are!!!!!!

Two: Read this right here that the great photographer Erin Cobb wrote about taking a picture a day. I am trying to do again next year.

Three: Look at these lovely necklaces. As always classic and beautiful!

Four: Rebecca is doing some great blogging this december. I am going to be doing a post next week.

Five: Look at this GREAT idea for a gift. Love love love it! and Alden would sure love to get it! (and so would Lucy!)

Six: A fun game of Holiday Bingo we are going to play tonight that you can download and print to play with your kids.

Seven: I love these ornaments here

Eight: I love books. A LOT. A couple I’ve got my eye on. Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision and Vision Mongers.

Anything online caught your eye lately?