Just wanted to share something I love right now about the most important people in my life.

Regan: I love that he has such a positive outlook on life. I’m more of a pessimist. And his sunny outlook on life brings me so much joy and helps me be better.


Oliver: He is turning into a fun goofy little boy. He is getting into the performing stage and in often doing funny faces or other little things to make us all laugh. It is awesome.


Lucy: We’ve had a few family home evening lessons lately about being obedient and helpful and Lucy has taken them to heart. The phrase we hear from her most often lately is “I’d LOVE to mom”. She pretty much yells it when you ask her to do something lately. It makes us smile every time.


Alden: I love when he gets into a talkative mood. He is such an internal thinker (unlike some of my other kids) and often I am left wondering what he is really thinking and feeling that I love love love when he comes and sits down next to me and just starts sharing. It’s so wonderful.

Norah: I’m loving her sweet grunty noises that she makes. And hearing her laugh in her sleep – it’s the cutest!!!


Eli: He says THE funniest things. He makes me laugh countless times a day.

How lucky i am to have all these lovely people in my life!