Lucy’s 8th Birthday Party

Well Lucy had her joint party with her cousin Alli. Since it was for 2 girls we did it in the JR school gym. Which meant lots of space. There were a few things that didn’t go as I had planned but we went with it and the girls had fun. Here is a photo over load!


2 thoughts on “Lucy’s 8th Birthday Party

  1. So cute love it!! Lauren had so much fun best party ever she said {and that mine suck essentially ha ha:) But thats okay cause I agree with Lauren you do the best parties ever:) Looks awesome!!

  2. Looks great! See, you didn’t need to worry about ideas! Your party was awesome! The big top cake was so fun, and the clowns were great. How did you do their heads?

    So glad Lucy had a fun day. She is such a good kid.

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