Lucy’s Bake Shop Party

When Lucy told me she wanted a Bake Shop party I was excited. I mean baking is one of my favorite things! My mind was filling with different ideas. I wanted to do a lot but I tried to reign myself in.
Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures 🙂
I let my kids pick their cakes. I show them pictures and tell them kinds and flavors and they can pick whatever they want. This year Lucy wanted a barbie cake. So I had her draw her cake and then I would make it too look the same.
Drawing her Cake
Serious at work
How it turned out…. I made a red velvet cake using Bakerella’s recipe here. Some of the girl’s didn’t like it. But Lucy did (and so did Aimee! She ate most of the left overs for me 🙂 )
Her Drawing and her Cake
The decorations: I made a quick little banner with left over fabrics of various things I’ve sown her or her friends in the past. It matches her room so that I can hang it in there after. And the tissue paper puff balls are from last year and hang over her bed all the time, so I just reused them!
Party Decorations
Instead of gift bags, each girl got a matching apron. I’ll show you how to make them this week. Super easy!
Front and Back
Making their mini pies. See their hats? We made chef hats first out of plastic bags and strips of poster board. They each decorated them and then we stuck them all together.
Hard at work
Cutting out Sugar Cookies: All the mini bakers as the cut out their sugar cookies before baking them. You can see the mini pies in the middle of the table that they made first.
Cutting out cookies
Tidbits from the party:
Tidbits from the party
1. Rolling out the pie dough – it was funny to see which girls had been in the kitchen before and which ones weren’t. Yes I could tell 🙂
2. The invitations – Lucy wanted a cupcake. So this is what I came up with.
3. The little boxes I made for them to carry home all the treats they made and one of the pies. I found the box idea here and loved them so much I am going to use them again. So easy and so cute.
4. Snack time – Lucy’s favorite – fruit
5. Trying out the icing bag
6. The perfect color Lucy wanted for the cake
7. I took a picture with each guest and Lucy. First the two of them with the present they gave her and then just them. This is Lucy’s cousin Alli who’s birthday is 6 days after Lucy’s.
Lucy was loving the whole party.
Decorating cupcakes
Blowing out the candles.
Blowing out the Candles
All the guests and Lucy in their hats and aprons screaming with joy 🙂
All the Bakers
Tomorrow is her actual birthday and I’ll share with you how to make the aprons this week (and I might have an extra to give away 🙂 )

Creations by Kara


29 thoughts on “Lucy’s Bake Shop Party

  1. I love the ideas you come up with for your kids parties every year. We only do parties on certain ages because it is just a little to hectic to do all 6 kids every year. The pictures are great. can’t wait to see how to mke the aprons

  2. Very cute! Yay, it turned out well, and you had an oven!!
    So yeah, my kids would be the ones that aren’t in the kitchen much haha. And yeah, you’d probably be able to tell. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy. Super fun party. I think I’d like a bake shop party too, anything with delicious food & I am in.

  4. Kaden and Anise loved the red velvet cake so much too! Kaden wants me to make it for his birthday. Guess what I’m doing tonight?

  5. what a fun party! when i was driving alli to the party she said, mom you are going to drop me off and i am going to have so much fun at the party and then you are going to pick me up and i’ll tell you all about it, ok? she had so much fun. you had some fun cute ideas and that last picture is to die for! love it all!

  6. Darling. The best part about it all is that you can tell that the kids had so much fun. That is a lot of work sewing aprons for each of them. You never cease to amaze me. Oh and yes, when the time comes for you to move, everything will work out. It always does. I have come to learn that.

  7. Aimee LOVED it! She wore her bakers hat all weekend. And she was thrilled that she got to use a REAL icing bag, instead of the ziplock with the corner snipped off, like she does at home!

  8. What an AWESOME party. I wish I could have been one of Lucys friends to come celebrate. That looked like so much fun and I love all your creativity. Also, your kitchen is beautiful. I want a nice kitchen!! the dark wood draws me in 🙂

  9. What a fun idea! Oh and the aprons you made – SO ADORABLE!!! Love how you let Lucy draw her cake and then try to make it like her design, cute!

  10. you are such an amazing mama. this sounds like such an awesome birthday party. what a wonderful memory you created for her. i love that you make your kids feel so special on their birthdays.

  11. SUPER DUPER DARLING! I love your photography, I love the fun party idea, I LOVE your kitchen, I love the decorations, I love the idea of aprons instead of candy for party favors…I could go on!

  12. man oh man oh man!!!!!!

    You deserve an award! That was so awesome! I loved that it was about baking and not some pop culture icon 🙂 And the pictures are so fun! And aprons? Wow. If only I was as domestic 🙂

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