McKaya and Jared got married

Jared and McKaya’s day ended up being so nice out! The storm clouds kind of threatened for a bit but then left. It was a beautiful day in Cardston and then we headed out towards Waterton but only went part way for some mountain views. One thing Jared really wanted was a couple shots of them with mountain views and big open scenery. I love love white space like this so I was happy to oblige that! And I may have shared a LOT because I really loved the images 😉


This is bench McKaya is sitting on is hand made by her grandpa. He makes one for each grandchild. And she asked for this colour and I asked if we could use it! So so cute! I wish he was making me one too… I wonder if he’ll adopt me as a grandchild. HA.

Jared and McKaya’s first date was storm chasing and taking pictures. (Jared is a great photographer.) They didn’t end up catching any good shots.

McKaya learned quickly that Jared loves Taylor Swift but he hates singing the words because she only sings about boys and he feels weird about that.

Jared proposed at the train bridge in Lethbridge. He even did a video of it. If you see the video he wrote the question marks backwards in the snow because he was doing it upside down. It was also about -20 out and McKaya was wearing tights under her jeans. He told her they were going to take pictures of the train bridge. Jared’s friend had a drone that was recording everything and she didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary.

McKaya gave Jared this great watch. Love it.

They love to go hiking and doing puzzles.

At their family dinner Jared’s parents talked about how they knew that McKaya was special to Jared because he called home to tell them about her, and he never did that. You can see the way that they look at each other how much in love they are.


Huge congrats to these two love birds!

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  • May 16, 2017 - 8:33 am

    Carmen - You did a great job on capturing them! Not only are these pictures beautiful and happy, but they exuberate joy and love and you captured it.