I was trying to think of a dessert that was Canadian to share this week with Canada Day coming up. So my mind went to Red and White Desserts. These little cuties are perfect for Canada Day. Red and White (and yellow….)  You could leave off the lemon curd and have them be less lemony with the strawberries on top. (But then you wouldn’t have lemon curd on them….)


I had helper in the kitchen when I was making these.


I love to have my kids help but somedays I just want to do it myself. Oliver and Eli both REALLY like doing the mixing. The only problem (besides them fighting over it) is that sometimes Oliver decides he’s “done” and just lets go of the mixer. Yup, while it’s mixing. That can be…..messy.  I don’t recommend it.




If you don’t want to make your own lemon curd you can buy it (I think I’ve seen it in a store before…. maybe by the jams?). But just give it a shot! It’s soooooo tasty! I looove lemon. The lemon in these adds a nice bright spot on top of the tasty cheesecake base. And the Nilla Wafer provide the “Crust” for them. I actually could just eat lemon curd with a spoon. Or on ice cream. Or a shortbread cookie. Hmmm, now my mind is wandering to think of all the things lemon curd goes on…..


Iff it wasn’t Canada Day and you weren’t going for Red and White (and yellow) then you could add blueberries instead and it’ll be tasty too!



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