Whoops there went a week hey?! We have been in a bit of shambles around our house. Things are in piles all over the place and we can’t put them away. And we couldn’t decorate for christmas, so all the containers with decorations were sitting around the house too. Perfect. All cause some painting and building was being done.

It was all thanks to these lovely shelves my talented brother was building and someone named Dave was painting. So now they sit waiting to be filled but I can’t yet because the paint is supposed to harden. Technically it’s supposed to be for a month. But technically I can’t let them sit there looking all nice and white and not decorate for Christmas. So I am going with a week…. that should work…. right? Until then I want to do my tiling around the fireplace… but I need a wet saw – anyone know someone who has one I can borrow?? No I don’t know how to tile but I expect someone on you tube does and they can show me!

Dec 10: living room... in progress

I did add our stockings just cause i HAD too…. although I need to get some names embroidered on them. Although Regan says I should do that by hand and I say no way. That’s what machines were invented for!
stockings hung

Our tree is finally up and decorated!
Christmas 2011 Tree

This wall is in progress too…. My prints are done now and ready to pick up and I have to add a few more frames. I love it.
Photo wall
I did decorate the railing. Cause nothing is changing on that. We have been keeping up with Advent things and books. I’ll update all the books we’ve read and the activities we’ve done that I missed. Since I KNOW you all are on the edge of your seat ūüôā
christmas decorations 1

PS won’t my living room look great when my shelves are finished, fire place tiled, curtains hung, frames filled? Yep. Love a talented brother and a talented Abby who suggested the idea of the shelves that I hadn’t even THOUGHT of doing!