Dear Norah,

It’s crazy to think that you are already a month old. Most of the past month I’ve spent in a sleep deprived state. (Hey, I’m just keeping it real since one day you’re going to be a mom too.) I’d love to say it’s been all roses and easy. But it hasn’t. You really, from the beginning have been an adjustment. We weren’t planning on you and now we feel completely outnumbered and overwhelmed. Just so you know that doesn’t affect how much we love you. We love you a lot. More that we can explain. But it doesn’t change the fact that all this is overwhelming. And every though I’ve been sleep deprived I have been enjoying moments with you. Quiet peaceful moments holding and feeding you. I was lucky for the first week that dad stayed home and was completely helpful with all the other kids. So I got to just focus mostly on you. Well you and trying to rest. Some of the things that I want to remember about your first month:

  1. Your long hair and eyelashes. Every one has commented on them. “Oh what a pretty baby… look at her hair…. what long eyelashes she has!” It’s usually along those lines.
  2. How much the other kids (well let’s face it – besides Oliver) have REALLY enjoyed you being here. They love to hold you and talk to you and are being relatively helpful.
  3. The feeling in the room after you were born. Relief in a lot of ways. Mostly a relief that our family is done. That we just needed YOU to finish it off.
  4. How happy I am to have another little girl. That Lucy and you both get to experience sisterhood. Something I’ve wanted for Lucy her whole life. And now you make that possible.
  5. Realizing how much you love your bum patted. It’s kinda funny.
  6. And the bouncing! You sure love that too.
  7. And the swing. (I’m sure glad Aunt Lindsay brought that over!)
  8. Just learning the little thing that you like. How you like to be held and burped. Just all the things that work. It’s a bit of getting to know you as a baby. A kind of discovery really.

Just know we love you. So very much.

Love, Mom