Today while I am sharing another spread from Feb 22-28, 2015,  I also want to talk a little bit about why memory keeping is important to me as a mother. I feel like it helps me in a few ways.

1. Memory keeping makes me a better mother because tt helps me see the small moments (pockets of joy or tapping of my heart) that happen each day. Doing this makes me happier in not only those small moments but also the bigger scheme of things too. It helps me see my children more clearly. In their goodness and their little quirks.

2. Memory keeping helps my mothering by filling my heart with more gratitude. I see this good life I have, even when things are hard, and see how blessed I am. I know I am blessed but sometimes during the really hard days I forget it. And reminding myself again and again of these small day to day moments show me the hand of God and the joy that runs through it. And documenting the hard exhausting moments makes me thankful that I made it through them and that I have so much help with my good husband and my family around.

3. Memory Keeping makes me a better mother because it gives me a place to write down how I feel. Another avenue to express my love for my family and they can SEE it and FEEL it and READ it. I think it’s another place that my kids can learn about my love for them.

4. Memory Keeping makes me a better mother because it helps me stop and slow down during the day to notice the little people around me. I am 100% a dreamer. I have lists of dreams and ideas (literally) and my head is sometimes in the clouds. Memory keeping keeps me grounded and noticing the lovely people around me more. It centers my mind and uses the creativity in my head towards mothering.

5. Memory keeping makes me a better mother because i have a creative release. Kind of along the same lines as #4 – I need a creative outlet. I go a  bit stir crazy if I don’t get a little creative during my days. I need it to feel like human. It builds up in me and I think this is a very positive outlet! 😉

6. Memory keeping helps me  be a better mother because it helps me to remember. I am totally forgetful. In a lot of ways. And I don’t want to forget the little details of my kids lives. The more kids we added too our family the more I was forgetting even the big stuff. It all kind of blurs together 😉

7. Memory keeping makes me a better mother because it stretches my mind and my own soul. It helps me and challenges me to get it done and work on it.

I am genuinely a fan of memory keeping. My story matters. As a mother, as a wife, as a sister, as a human. And I get to play with pretty supplies too… what’s not to love 🙂


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