It’s been a while since I updated my list.
I made this not long ago which I LOVED!
Nectarine Tart
125: Classic Crumb Cake
126. Crumb Topping
127. Peach, Apricot and Cherry Pie
128. Apple Crumb pie
129. Slab Pie
130. Almond Crumb Crust
131. Fourth of July Blueberry Pie
132. Gooseberry pie
134. Tender Pie Dough
135. Struesel
136. Nectarine Tart
137. Tart Dough

I am planning a baby shower and I am making treats to go to that… so I will hopefully be able to knock off about 4-5 more recipes for that today. ūüôā

Sept 2 - indoor play
This child is adjusting to having the other kids in school. He is lonely. And doesn’t know what to do with himself. I set up the tent in the living room and he played for a bit. He spends a lot of time whining and crying that the other kids aren’t home. Hopefully we adjust, so that we both can be happy and I can still get some things done during the day!