Soooo i’ve realized that my list is not up to date and I can’t figure out which ones I am missing from my list. Cause I don’t have that many left but my numbers don’t show it. One day soon here I will figure it out. But not right now, cause I am not feeling it!

153. Pithivers
154. Baguettes
155. Fouagsse
156. Focaccia
157. Dried-Fruit Focaccia
158. Roasted- Tomato Bread
159. Buttermilk Biscuits
160. Chocolate Scones
161. Popovers
162. Brown sugar Buttercream
I’m done 171. Cause I counted the ones I have left and I thought I had less but it appears I have 37 left. But quite a few of them are recipes that you use together. So you make one and then three more go with it (ie icing fillings or curds, etc). So all in all. This weekend, I’m gonna make a bunch for my girl’s night I am having on Friday night!

And since a picture always makes a post better… here are the pecan pie and Cherry-Cheese Strudel from Thanksgiving.
Pecan Pie & a Cherry Cheese Strudel
aaaaaaaand a quick one of Steff and Luke – my current editing project!
Three of them (with #2 on the way)