I realized again this week that I have different music tastes than a lot of people around me. Regan and I joke a lot about Willie Nelson, who Regan loves and I detest. Like please let me pull out ears so I don’t have to listen it.)

Justin Beber, not thanks. Annoying.
Pink, drives me CRAZY. Why does she sing about being a jerk all the time.
Rihanana (did I even spell that right?) drives me even MORE crazy. She sings a song about how it’s okay to be hit by your man? Really? THAT’s what kids listen to?

Really I don’t even know who is popular right now. I just know what I like. So I thought I’d share some of it… that is if I can find you tube videos for some of it 🙂
Emilie-Claire Barlow – Love her! And she’s Canadian!

Jason Mraz


Matt Costa

Meaghan Smith

Mindy Gledhill

Micheal Buble (oh how I would LOVE love to go to one of his concerts!)

Ray LaMontagne

And some songs I couldn’t find on Youtube but I love…. (I’m pretty sure you can find them on iTunes!)
Matthew Barber – The Little Things
Kris Allen – to make you feel my love & Falling Slowly
Joey Gian – What if I loved you
Human & Rosi Golan – Follow the Arrow
Frances England – You & Me
Holly Cole Trio
Michael Johns – Life is Okay
Zee Avi – Honey Bee
Sophie Milman – Take Love Easy
Slow Club – When I Go

I know I don’t like what a lot of other people listen to and I am okay with that. 🙂
Ever heard of these guys? (OBVIOUSLY you’ve all heard of Micheal Buble, but besides him 🙂