1. My sewing machine died right in the middle of some projects I need done for tomorrow night.

2. All three of my kids had multiple crying episodes.

3. I couldn’t sleep cause my back has been killing me lately. I have started getting up to do yoga before the kids are awake but it is still waking me up lots during the night and in the morning.

4. Eli no longer naps and that means I have less time to myself during the day. Some days he is learning to play a bit with Lucy and by himself, but not today AT ALL.

5. I got ready early and got Eli into the van and drove to the north side for his gymnastics that apparently doesn’t start for another week.

6. I drove to London Drugs to print off a BIG print of one my pictures that I am planning to hang above my door and the file was corrupted and didn’t work.

But on the plus side

1. I figured out what the theme for Lucy’s party is going to be and what I am making for all the girls who attend it as their “gift bag”

2. I hand painted two signs for the RS meeting.

3. I exercised this morning.

4. I ordered the picture I wanted printed online when I got home and it worked.

5. I got asked to contribute to a book that is going to be published about crafty things. ūüôā

6. I edited a whole bunch of Nicole and Derek’s wedding.

So the good balanced out the frustrating.