Since I started taking pictures I’ve only considered myself a people photographer. I like taking pictures of people. I like to see their interactions. I like it when I can chat with them. I like their varied expressions. I like seeing the love. I’ll always love taking pictures of people. Of course I seriously delight in taking a picture like this.
But lately I’ve really found a love for nature photography.
Busy as a Bee
Little Blue Bell
And one of the reasons I think this is meaning a lot to me lately is because of my little sister Kelly. Before she died she was really into gardening. Actually some of these pictures were taken in her garden.
The Rose
Red Tipped Leaf
She had one just like this hanging on the bulletin board in her room. I remember the first time I went into her room after she had died. And I saw it there. In a photo collage of pictures of her nieces.
And finding the beauty in the nature around me, it reminds me of her. I feel satisfied that she would have liked this shot or that shot. Or that she would have rejoiced in me taking an interest in something that was a big deal to her.
some funky leaf or flower?
I think one of the ways we can cope with the loss of someone we love is that we find ways to have them be apart of things for us still. In a simple way like this.
ooh it makes me want to get a macro lens. Maybe one day ūüôā
Yes, this is a lot of nature/ flower pictures. But think of it as a tribute to my sister Kelly.
Mr droopy (Miss droopy?)
And a testimony of an all powerful creator that did a really good job.