We took the kids up to Waterton on New Years Day. It takes a lot of work to take all these kids and have everyone outfitted for sledding. I’ve been thinking lately about taking our kids to do things. A few years (and kids ago) I was a very active mom. I took my kids to museums or on walks a lot, really just out doing things a lot more. But the more kids that have come along the tougher it has gotten. It has made me think a lot about my mom and all the things she took us to do. She really was a super mom. I can’t image doing half the things she did. And she had two more kids than me! This year we are going to try again to make sure that we are doing things, even when it seems easier to just stay home. Making memories. Even if the sledding really only lasted 35-40 minutes and ended in Oliver screaming his head off in the van for 15 minutes until he passed out from exhaustion. We still did it. And I’ll take this one as a win. 😉