WEll did you make them?

I try to keep some in mind but I don’t make myself crazy with them. Instead I kind of have a general I’m trying to do better in these areas kind of mantra.

But I thought I’d share my areas ūüôā

1. Healthy living. We are trying to eat healthier and exercise more around here. Been doing the treadmill (it’s even in the unheated garage so it’s COLD when I go on it – so I feel extra proud of myself for doing it). Next weekend I will hopefully be all done my MSBH challenge. And then we are doing a whole lot more healthy eating. (Reg says I should cook a whole weight watchers book now to helps us all out. hahahahaha)

2. Religious-ness. Working on studying my scriptures better and for a longer time each day. Working on actually making what I read apply to my life and make a difference. Focusing more on reaching out to people around me in need.

3. Organizing. Reading a book and organizing my life. De junking (any one need a kitchen table or a big chalk board? Both have to go – along with lots of other things)

4. Monthly date night. We are pretty good – but sometimes Reg is busy and that kind of things gets pushed back and set aside.

Did you make any?
And since a post with a picture is more fun….
Alden with his current love.