Dear Norah,

You are such a sweet little thing. Lately your personality is starting to emerge even more. And it is so sweet to see. Kind of like a little sweet package that is opening up more and more. I love it! You are really starting to love books. The cutest is when I am sitting on the floor and you do your little backup move to sit onto my lap. It makes me smile every time. You also love to be tickled. Like you will stick your foot out over and over and over so that we keep doing it.  You are understanding more and more when we talk to you. You still don’t have many words. Only about 10 or so. But you understand a lot. I can get you to do things like taking out your soother so I can take your picture.

Speaking of soothers, you love to have one in your mouth and one in each hand so that if Eli or Oliver steal the one in your mouth you can quickly put another one in. (I don’t know why they do that….) You don’t get upset at all, you just put in a different one. You’ve learned to work with those energetic big brothers of yours!


You are really loving following Oliver around lately. He is getting into it too. You two will go downstairs in the mornings and play for little bits of time. (Which I love) It gives me hope that when school starts next week that you two will enjoy each other more and more.

Also in the last month you have decided that Lucy is pretty awesome. I love it. And I think it makes Lucy so proud! She loves to randomly announce “After Mom, I think I am Norah’s favorite!”. Often then an argument breaks out between the kids about who you love best. It actually reminds me of when I was a kid and the boys would argue about who Aunty Kelly loved the best.


You are still TINY! You still fit in some 6-12 month clothes. You still weigh 19 pounds. So you really haven’t put on any weight in three months. I am a little worried about it. We went to see a Pediatrician about it, just to be sure everything is ok. I’m sure you are just lucky and ended up with those tiny little girl Steed genes. (Lucky you!)

I keep trying to pretend your hair is long enough for piggy tails. It is a lot of work. I can distract you for one but the other one is a lot more tricky. That and the rest of your hair is so fine and it grows totally right into your face. I love it’s blonde color!


You are very much in a MOM stage. You want me to hold you and put you to bed, and read you stories, and sit on my lap while I eat supper, and feed your your bottle, and hold your hand, and everything holding you. For that reason I am glad you are so small! Easier to carry around!

I got you a doll for your first birthday and I have been putting it in your bed since then. And just recently  you have decided that it is your baby and you love to hug it when you sleep and lots of times you carry it around with you. It is soooo cute. That and you love to have a blanket with you.


I love you norah. I can’t image our family with out you. You bring love and sweetness and we just all love having you around. Can ya just put on a little weight to make me not worry? That and sleep more?

Love mom.


Norah’s shoes are Fledge Feet  Nutmeg & Eden Flower and her little jacket and pants are both from Baby Gap. 

Just Rhonda

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