Dear Norah,

I started you on solids, and MAN, do you loooove them! You can seriously pack away the food. I have to admit it makes me sooooo happy. 🙂 You have liked anything I have given you except raspberries. (But really those are tart!) Every thing else you just gobble up.

You have finally started to have long naps. One good on in the morning (usually around 10 am) and then one in the afternoon (varies what time). They aren’t the same lengthen every day, but we are getting soooo much closer to a schedule. Can you hear the angels singing?? 😉 Some nights are kind of having consistency too… kind of. I’m hoping that some day soon you’ll sleep through the night. My first couple kids I made them cry it out. But then I got Eli and he’d just cry and cry and cry and then puke. So there was no point. And after that I just couldn’t make Oliver do it…. and you seem so small. So I hope you figure it out on your own…. some time soon preferably.

Speaking or your size, you are my first baby to remain so…. tiny. All the other kids weighed WAY more by the time they were your age. You are petite and small with tiny little feet and hands. Sometimes when I am holding you I am amazed at how really small you still are.

You are in my FAVORITE baby stage! Sitting up. You just recently have tried to crawl. You have no idea how to do it at all. But you kind of fall forward now. It’s often in attempt to get something. You do this funny back arching thing to move along the floor if you are on your back. You really can get around doing it so we have to make sure you are safe. But it definitely isn’t crawling!

You love Oliver. It is sooooo cute. You coo and giggle at him and just love any attention he gives you. I sure hope that the two of you become better and better little buddies! Little built in playmates! I loved playing with my siblings when I was small and I hope you find that same enjoyment!  Any of the kids talking to you makes you pretty happy! Alden carts you around the house sometimes and as soon as he moves even a tiny bit quickly you are all giggles. It’s totally sweet.

Lately you only want me to hold you. And you think I have to stand. It’s frankly kind of annoying! You used to be so good with whoever holding you… maybe I handed you off too much? Hopefully you grow out of that soon since it’s hard to hold you and Oliver all the time! You rarely sit still when I am holding you. Like seriously you are so squirmy. And you like it if I move when I am holding you. Bouncy, swinging. Something. It’s almost exercise just to have you around!

Norah, I just love you. You are sweet and so very very loved. I love to hear your little voice and the way your whole face lights up when you smile. You have strikingly beautiful blue eyes. They are stunning. And your hair is starting to really grow in all over. (I might actually be having to do it soon! Trouble!) It’s a pleasure to watch you grow. I hope you know how wonderful it is to have you part of our family!

Love mom.