Ode to Scrabble

I love playing scrabble. In a lot of ways it is strange that I do. I am not a good speller. In fact math and spelling would totally be my worst subjects. Unless you count physics 10. In which my high school teacher, bless his heart, made me a deal that he would pass me if I promised to never take physics 20. Took that deal!


I love picking out the little letters. Yep. I like the little cute tiles. A surprise waiting for you in that little brown bag.

Some times words come right away. And some times not so much. You just end up with all vowels or no vowels. (We play with 9 tiles in Super scrabble… but I have 10 for some reason….)

I like sitting down with Regan and doing something that exercises our brains and isn’t just the tv. I like that we are interacting with each other. I enjoy the conversation that we have while we play. It is good to spend time just doing fun things together. And this is one of them for me. Regan doesn’t enjoy it as much as me, but he plays with me because he knows I love to play it.

I love it when we can fill up most of the whole board. We have super scrabble which makes the board bigger and has more of each letter.

And well, truth be told, I like it when I win (I mean he’s smart, I am married to a doctor) 😉

Do you have any board games you love??


9 thoughts on “Ode to Scrabble

  1. My mum and I used to play scrabble when I lived at home but I haven’t really kept it up. I should though because it is quite fun. Sadly though we don’t have any board games…therefore don’t play any

  2. Scrabble’s a favorite around here, too. Only my husband almost always wins, so it’s quite the victory when I do!

    Love the pictures.

  3. I like scrabble a lot; I’m kind of a word junkie. I love crossword puzzles and word scrambles and I am a stickler for spelling. I never seem to win scrabble matches though. I REALLY like playing pictionary and scattergories…


  4. My husband is the one who loves Scrabble in our family. I will play with him every once in a while–it’s been a while, maybe we should pull it out. Thanks for the idea! And we don’t have the Super Scrabble version, whatever that is, but we use 9 tiles too to make it go faster (and make it easier to form words.) 🙂 I like the game Settlers of Catan. Ever played it? But we mostly play card games.

  5. I love all sorts of games. However…I almost ALWAYS lose. But I take comfort that Matt loses worser. Love the card game NERTS and Racko. Haven’t played a new game in awhile though I bought TEN when they went on sale at the Northern store. yes…I was shocked…shocked into buying ten games. Love the header. VERY fun!

  6. We are big on Uno here… but not rgular Uno… Uno Spin and Uno Extreme! All the kids can play, so we have family game times 🙂

    *I* like Scrabble. Hubby does not. I play online tho 🙂

    We as a couple like to play… yes, we like to play! 😀 Ahem, I digress. We play Greed with dice, and Yahtzi 🙂

  7. Last summer I scored an awesome deal at garage sale – the game “Careers”. It pretty much rocks – and it was my mom’s favorite when she was a kid too!

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