Can you believe this little man is 4 months already?!!
sooo serious
It has gone by so fast!!!
At 4 months Oliver…
Tummy time
• loves to baby talk but it comes out sounding more like gargling most of the time
• is very very social
• squirms around a lot in his crib when he wakes up
• is a noisy sleeper
• now in his own room (since he is a noisy sleeper)
Big eyes
• smiles at ANYONE who pays him attention and even if we aren’t paying attention – he’ll just look at us and smile
• has a smile that lights up his whole face
Big Grin
• can burp REALLY loud
• spits up a lot less than the first two months but still spits up a bit
• loves to look in the mirror
• puts up with a LOT of “love” from Eli and really just smiles at him… most of the time (he looks scared here…)
17 January 2012
• sleeps on his tummy
• loves his soother
• slobbers a LOT
• swings his arms at toys that are above him and can even grab them sometimes but then can’t let go
• has the BEST laugh and sometimes even snorts
• is sitting up in the Bumbo Chair
• is getting a semi regular schedule
• taking longer and longer naps
From below
• slept last night from 10pm-7am but normally sleeps from around 830pm to 3am then eats and back to sleep til 7am
• loves the jolly jumper especially if one of the kids is sitting in front of him to look at
• finally loves bath time
• has realized he has feet and hands and stares at them
Oliver & me.
• is a great breastfeeder
• is very ticklish
• loves to jump in your arms
• thinks it is sooo funny if you bouncy him around but that often ends up in spit up
20 January 2012
• turns to see us whenever he hears dad or mom’s voice
• never really cries much unless he is tired or hungry
• gets lots of attention from his siblings
• is very content to just sit and look around especially if someone is holding him
• wears 3-6 months clothes
• has dark hair growing in and quite a bit of it
• sucks on two fingers of his left hand often
Oliver @ 4 months
• pretty much always goes to sleep in vehicles
• often has his eyes WIDE open staring around
• is such a joy to have in our home!