Monster birthday

Oliver just turned 3. And I did a little party for him. It was simple and only 3 friends came (with their moms). Just perfect.  We started out with Monster play dough. Which was red cause that is Oliver’s favorite color right now. And I just got a bunch of face parts from the dollar store (handy doing a monster party close to Halloween!)


Then we did these cute Monster printables from Somewhat simple.  So cute and the kids loved them! We’ve actually made them a few times now!


Then we tried doing these monster sticks from Pinterest but they didn’t really work out. Too hard for 3 year olds to do! Cute when a mom did them.


Then we played pin the eyeball on the monster. These eyes were from the dollar store as coasters.


Then we ate Oliver’s favorite thing: Chicken Nuggets and Fries. (Although he calls chicken nuggets fries.)


Then had cake. I tell you this cake pan is probably my most used! The same pan for the dragon cake, the barbie cake and a couple others! Love this pan!


Then we did presents.


That’s it! And I know Oliver was so pleased with it all because the next day he would sit at the table and announce “Okay, I’m ready for my party to start again.” 🙂 So cute!

Just Rhonda

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