I am one day into a long stretch of Regan being gone. He is working a rotation in ICU in Calgary for a month. He’ll be home for a couple nights in the middle. That is the weekend we have to get a Christmas tree and set it up, celebrate my birthday (even though it will be past it then), attend a RAS Christmas party, attend the temple, and regular ol’ stuff like enjoy seeing each other and hopefully I’ll get to leave the house without any kids for at least a half an hour. We’ll see how it goes. Both that weekend and all the time he’s gone. I just keep reminding myself… just til June and then he’ll be a doctor. All done. And we can settle into a comfortable semi-schedule.

Speaking of that…. I am so unsure of what to do with the housing issue. We are going to move out to Raymond, where he will practice. Our mortgage comes to term in May. And for the last four months of residency Regan will be in Pincher Creek and gone a lot. So should we just move out there then since I’ll be on my own anyways, and then the bank won’t ding us? But listing a house and keeping it clean every day for showings and on all that on my own with three kids? Wow. That sounds A.W.E.S.O.M.E! hmmm not sure what to do. And finding a house to move into and can our house in Lethbridge sell?? oh my.

And on another note. I have chronic Back pain. As in Regan has diagnosed me. I have not had a day in the past 5 months (if not longer) where my back has not hurt. It hurts all the time. It has been ridiculous lately. Sometimes I have to just give up on sleeping and just get up cause I can’t lay down anymore. It hurts too much. And there is not a lot to be done for it. For a few weeks I was going to weekly massages and that was making it more livable. But between having to pay for it ($55 a time) to getting my kids watched every week so I could do it- really it’s just not that possible. I’ve been trying to be more regular in my Yoga. And that helps. But really. It just is what it is. I’ve been seriously considering going to try acupuncture. (someone I know does it) I have trouble sitting for too long. Or laying down. Which frankly is quite annoying. I feel like an old lady. And I’m not turning THAT old next week! ūüôā

And on another note. I am really not feeling winter this year. In fact. I’m hating this cold windy snowy business. I feel like we never really got summer and here it is freezing cold already! mmm I sound like a grumpy pants hey?

Here’s a nice picture to lighten my grumpiness.
nov 5 - Sunrise