Since I am not keeping up with posting my books each day, instead I’m gonna list all the ones we have and reuse each year!

1. Snowmen at Christmas
2. Sam’s Snowy Day
3. Fluffy’s Christmas
4. Follow the Star
5. I spy a Candy Cane
6. Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Christmas
7. What star is this?
8. Russell’s Christmas Magic
9. Mary Engelbrett’s The Night Before Christmas
10. Merry Christmas Little Critter
11. I’ve seen Santa
12. My First Story of the First Christmas
13. Snowmen at night
14. The First Night
15. Christmas Trolls
16. Father and Son
17. This is the stable
18. The story of christmas
19. Gingerbread Pirates
20. Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest
21. Christmas Wishes
22. The Polar Express
23. When Jesus Christ was
24. Come and see

Other good ones we’ve got that go along with the season:
Usborne’s Christmas Activities
Usbonre’s Preschool Christmas Fun