On Tuesday…

… there was ANOTHER rain/snow storm
…. we ate leftovers for supper
… there was a bit of sewing of baby gifts for friends and family during nap time
Today's sewing pile
… Lucy had a fit cause we had to leave the house and then had another one cause we came home
… Regan and I got surprised by something that is good but will take some time to get used too (and no I am not pregnant)
…. I finally got Lucy and Eli to leave the house to drive across town to Costco and get in the store only to realize that I had not in fact put the two things I needed printed the most on my memory stick
… so I made two trips to Costco
….there were many emotional ups and downs with this one (as is usual)
… I edited over 100 photos today
… we ate our leftovers as a picnic on the floor in the kitchen, well Alden and Lucy did. Even on a read checkered blanket. And I did not want to let them do it. But I realized…. does it really matter. NO. so they did it.
… after fighting a bit after school and both of them ending up in tears they hugged, made up and then started playing together like they normally do
… I actually had a showered before 10 am
… I ate an obscene amount of candy (in fact it gave me a stomach ache)
… this one and I ran around the kitchen island about 30 times today. He comes over, taps me and says “RUN! RUN!”
… I did in fact not feel like running around and around the island. But I did it anyways… almost every time he asked
… i reloaded and unloaded the dishwasher 3 times today
… besides my trips to Costco I really didn’t talk any adults today until Regan came home
… Eli wore underwear for about 1 hour today and then decided he didn’t want to anymore so he went back into his diaper. And he used the toilet twice
… all the kids were in bed asleep by 7:30pm
… i talked to my mom and dad on the phone
… i washed and dried 2 loads of laundry and didn’t fold a single one
… i got another wedding photo shoot booked
… i procrastinated doing a few things AGAIN
… i laughed and giggled with these two
… i NEED some sunshine and outside time. I am starting to feel quite housebound and nutty!


7 thoughts on “On Tuesday…

  1. I’m going stir crazy with this weather. YUCK!!! Sounds like you had a busy day. I Eli really potty training? WHAT? for real? CRAZY! Can’t wait to see the editing pics. And good job on another wedding – can’t wait to see those ones too 🙂

  2. I just told Sadie we could have a pool party in our bathtub. So send your kids with their suits k. We are spent with this garbage weather.

  3. OMG! So I usually see this blog in google reader, and today I clicked over to see the real deal, and I can’t tell you how totally FABULOUS your header is!!!!!! I love it! So cute and creative! Go Rhonda!

  4. You definitely are having yucky weather! But you know, it is “cold” here too – well, for our standards! And yesterday we had hail, rain, hurricane winds, more hail, and then sunshine all within an hour’s time. Crazy.

  5. Cute baby gifts!!
    Wow, you had a productive rainy day. For me, if it’s a rainy day out of the blue, I savor the time at home to spend at home with Aubey and the kids, to relax, or get stuff around the house caught up. But when it’s been as often as lately, the rain brings me down, makes me sleepy and unmotivated. I don’t think I would’ve run around the island once, and I definitely would’ve fought the picnic, you are a great Mom and I should learn from your example.
    And I’m with Jodi, curious about the surprise!

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