A couple of years ago I started doing the one little word. Basically it is choosing one word to use to focus on for the year. In 2014 I had focus and in 2015 I had choose. This year I have chosen health.

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Now I had some reservations about choosing this word. In a lot of ways I live a relatively healthy life. We eat mostly food that is made at home (not a lot of processed), we eat a lot of veggies and fruit, but there are things I can do to make my life more healthy. And not just in a physical way.

The definition of health: 

1. The overall condition of an organism at a given time.
2. Soundness, especially of body or mind; 
3. condition of optimal well-being: 
This totally sums up what I want: Optimal well being. In my physical body, in my mental health, in my spiritual health, in my relationships. Wholeness and healthiness.


I feel like I know myself more and more as I age and I know that I am not one for fads or 21 day fixes or things like that. I frankly don’t think they are healthy. In my mind wholeness and health means choosing each day to live in a healthy manner. By making small daily choices that are good for me and my body and my mind and my spirit.

My lovely friend shared this this morning and it think it totally applies. “Ordinary people who faithfully, diligently & consistently do simple things that are right before God, will bring forth extraordinary results.” – David A. Bednar

I don’t think depriving myself of all the treats in the world is going to change my health. It might for a while, but I know myself and I think treats are a lovely part of life. I love Pain aux Chocolat and I’m going to keep making them. But I’m going to save them for Christmas or other special occasions and when I do make them I’ll have one. That to me is a smart route than thinking I can cut myself off from all the lovely treats in the world.
Saying to myself I am going to exercise for 2 hours everyday at 5 am isn’t reasonable for my life. Instead, I am going to get back into my yoga practice and go on walks more on the treadmill and outside. Choosing movement instead of choosing to sit still. Noticing my posture and sitting up straight.
I guess part of my choosing the word health this year is choosing to pay attention to my body and my emotions and my spirit and doing what I know they need. With all that in mind, here is my list that I am using to guide my life over the next year.
  1. MORE plant based meals with LESS red meat.
  2. MORE listening to when I am full and LESS overall food.
  3. MORE scripture study and LESS wasting time on the internet.
  4. MORE physical activity with LESS sitting around.
  5. MORE time engaged with my kids/husband.
  6. MORE whole grains and LESS white flour.
  7. MORE water and LESS Chocolate.
  8. MORE sleep and LESS piddling around the house late at night.
I think we all know the things to do to make ourselves feel better. I know that I am going to try and not eat carbs after 8 pm (although my Ukrainian Christmas is coming up and I know I will that night) and reach for water to stop snacking or a piece of fruit if I am hungry. This year I want to focus on my health and choose the things I know I need to do to make myself feel healthy, inside and out.
I’m participating in Ali Edwards year long class to explore my word and I think that will really help me as I discover how to become more healthy in all areas of my life. I will be blogging throughout the year about my one little word, ideas in healthy eating, physical exercise, healthy relationships, etc.
Have you ever picked a word? If you picked one this year I’d love to know what it is!
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