A few years ago Ali Edwards started this one word thing. Where you pick a word that is kind of your theme for the year. Something to work for, or remind you of something you need to learn or remember while you go about the year.

I’ve picked in the past. And I am again this year.

For 2010 my word is Consistency.

I go through spurts of making sure I am caught up on laundry. Or every day of a good scripture study. Or of blog posts or exercise or healthy eating or whatever. Then life gets the best of me and things are lost in the shuffle. Now somethings should get lost before others. Blog posts are good to do, but reading my scriptures and going on a bi-monthly with my hubby are more important. So keeping all that in mind, my word is consistency. Something I am going to be working on this year. And hopefully it will make me a better person!

Some friends who have picked a word for their year too!!

And someone I wish was my friend and her word… (hahahaha)
Kelli Crowe

Apparently I’ve got big plans for the new year!

1. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at the 365 photo a day for the past few years. Doing it this year. I KNOW I won’t post them every day. Probably more like a weeks worth every Sunday. If I had typepad I would do it like my good friend Heather does… but i’m too cheap and I have blogger 🙂 So I had to start a new blog for it. (I mean I already have too many anyways. hahahahaha)
Anywho, it’s here

2. I am making some big changes with my photography stuff. I haven’t posted about that yet but when I do it will be on my photo blog here

3. I am going to participate with my friends Heather and Crystal in the Project 12. Essentially you create a layout a month highlighting the month. I am going to be using my 365 photos probably. I’ll already be taking them – then I’ll make a page out of them 🙂

And I need to update all my cooking over the holidays! Will do that soon!

And since a post is no fun with a photo… here is one from the University of Lethbridge Cheerleading team…