I’ve been writing down things Eli says for a while. Just cause he says so many funny things. It’s partly the age and partly him I think.

Some of my favorites:

“SURRENDER” – always yelled at the top of his lungs (which is annoying)

“tailnippers” – nail clippers

“well that’s exactly what I’m going to do”

“Oliberry” – Oliver

“i think he needs mommy milk”

“i’m totally dressed now”

“i want to watch piderman but not the bad one, only the good one” (he never says the s for spiderman)


“ife” – knife

motorbicyle – motorcycle

“commudered” – computer

“yea I fixed it” (how) “with the button on top”

“can I have a mixtery” (all my kids say that instead of mixture but only when talking about cereal)

Whenever we try to get him to say the letter sound properly in a word he always says it just fine but then goes on saying the word all funny.

And this conversation goes on pretty much EVERY DAY about 5 times a day (or more) and frankly drives me bonkers.

“can i watch a movie on the computer” (no)
” can i watch on the tv?” (no)
“dad’s iphone?” (no)
“can I go to James’ house?” (not right now)
“can I play with Talan?” (not right now)
“can I play with Roman?” (not right now)
“can I play with Mason?” (not right now)
“well then can i watch a movie on the computer”
and on and on….

He keeps us on our toes in many many ways. Good thing he’s so cute!