Well more like found…. I was looking around on my ipad and found this that i forgot to share. Regan wrote this list to make me laugh at 11:55pm on the 18th of January. I was still pregnant and upset about it. I was emotionally done! What a good guy i have who helps me see the humor in life.

Why Rhonda is still pregnant.
1.  To serve as a reminder in case we ever think about having more kids.
2.  Because dinner club is going to be awesome and we don’t want to miss it.
3.  To complete the evolution of the umbilicus.
4.  Really we’re so much more prepared than two weeks ago.
5.  I think Eli is praying for it to go longer just because he’s that kind of kid.
6.  No big hurry, the conditions aren’t great to take up running anyway.
7.  So I could meet that kid Nora and we could decide to change the name…
8. We breed children that aren’t terribly obedient, it starts in the womb.
9.  The uterus is feeling a bit old and not looking forward to contracting.
10.  This is your last pregnancy, lets be honest, deep down your going to miss it and you’re trying to hold on.

I’m grateful for this man!