Parker and Brooke are getting married

I love seeing how couples are together. And these two are so so sweet. I actually left the evening thinking that I hope for my kids one day, what these two have together. It was just so much fun to capture these two in my favourite place. They told me the best stories about the two of them and how they got together. Enjoy hearing their love story!!

Where did you first meet?

Parker: Brooke and I first met at her house. I had set up a time to meet with her roommates to share a home teaching message. I had no idea that Brooke was going to be there. Her name wasn’t on the list of girls living there, so I was surprised to see her! I thought Brooke was super pretty. She was super happy, and had a great smile. I could tell she knew a lot about the gospel through her insightful thoughts and comments she shared during the message. I remember she talked about keeping a journal and service. I thought that she seemed like a fun, loving person and I was interested in getting to know her better!

Brooke: I first met Parker when he came over to my house with his home teaching companion. It was a Thursday night after institute class. I had gone straight from work to institute, and then straight home so I was still in my bright blue scrubs when he got there. Parker noticed my scrubs, and asked me where I worked, so I told him I worked at an orthodontics office. He told me that he wanted to be an orthodontist, and I remember thinking that was super cool! Other than that small conversation, he didn’t talk a whole lot that night, but I remember thinking he was super cute, his smile lit up the room! After they left, I leaned over to my roommate and said “Parker is super cute! I totally want to get to know him better.” After a couple more home teaching visits, he called me and we got together to play games. A few weeks after that we went on our first date, and it’s been uphill ever since!

What kinds of things do you like to do together?

Brooke: Parker and I love to go on adventures. That is our thing. We love going on walks, and being outdoors. We always do something new, and it’s always tons of fun. We love playing games and hanging out with our friends and families. We love to bake/cook together. Food is our favourite! We love to go on road trips together and jam to music in the car. We like to do physical activity together, playing squash is one of our favourites! Whatever we do, it’s always tons of fun. I love spending time with him.

Where did the proposal happen and how?

Brooke: The proposal happened on March 21st. Parker and I had made plans to go and meet up with some friends for dinner that night, but he wanted to go on a walk before hand. He picked me up around 6, and told me to bring my polaroid camera “because for once he was wearing a nice shirt and we could take pictures”. I was kind of confused as to why he would of got all dressed up for dinner with friends, but he looked very handsome nonetheless! The place where we ended up going on our walk was a place we had gone to a few days earlier. As we passed through the trails and into the open ravine, I noticed something in the trees up ahead. I pointed it out to Parker, but he said he didn’t know what it was. As we got closer, I noticed they were pictures. I walked towards them and noticed they were pictures of us and all of the dates we had been on! He had them all hanging in the tree and had put white roses (my favourite) underneath the tree as well. As soon as I noticed the flowers I instantly knew what was going on. I started to cry. Next thing lead to another and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I stumbled to say yes, and gave him the biggest hug. I could feel his heart beating against my chest, he was so nervous! I probably cried for 10 minutes after that because I was so happy! John (Parker’s bestfriend/roommate/our official third wheel) came running out of the trees and we all had a group hug. He caught the whole proposal on video.

Parker: I talked with Brooke’s dad the day before the proposal. Brooke and I had set up to go on a walk on Tuesday. I spent Tuesday setting up the proposal. Partway through the preparations Brooke texted me and told me that some of our friends were going out for dinner and that we were invited to go with them. I quickly made up some kind of story about how I still wanted to go on a walk first. I planned to take her to a place that we had been to a place the previous week that was super pretty and that we both really liked. I picked Brooke up and we drove to the ravine where I had set up. I tried to play it cool and not let on what was happening. We had a great walk and were having a fun time. When we got near the area I re-routed us a little bit so that we would walk by the pictures and flowers that were set up on the ground. At that point I was super excited because I knew what was about to happen. I remember the look on her face when she realized she knew what was happening. I got down on one knee. I heard her say yes, and then after that we stood there hugging, not saying too much, just enjoying the moment. Her head was in my shoulder, and I could tell she was super happy. My favourite quote from Brooke that day was her saying “Is this real life?” I was so happy, and I couldn’t help but smile for the rest of the night.

Tell me about your favourite date you’ve had together:

Parker: My favourite date was our first date because that is when I got to know Brooke. We went for a long walk down Whyte Ave and we got all turned around and it was hilarious. It was a Wednesday night so I figured I should probably end the day early because I knew she worked early the next day, I had school and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t keep us out too late. When we got back to her house we were having such a fun time that we talked for 3 or 4 hours. It was awesome! When I got home I was very happy with the date, and talked with my roommates for an hour more. Ever since then, I have loved all of our dates.

Brooke: Parker and I have gone on so many dates! Sneaking into the UofA and using a lecture hall as our own personal theatre, riding the LRT from one end of the city to the other, making homemade pop-tarts, skating and quadding, having picnics in the park, and going on adventures. Our dates are always out of the ordinary and super fun. I don’t think I can choose a favourite date. All of them have been my favourites!!

One word that would describe you two together is… Audacious – adventurous, unafraid, valiant, bold, courageous.

When did you realize that you wanted to marry each other?

Parker: By early February I knew I wanted to marry Brooke. I was making plans for us to continue and progress towards an engagement. I told my roommates that I thought Brooke was the one. A few weeks later people started teasing us more about marriage, and I liked that. I remember I finally got the courage to bring it up at the beginning of March and we had a good talk about marriage and our future. On Friday, the day after our big chat, Brooke brought up marriage again. After she said that, I knew she was on board. I called my mom on Saturday and told her that I was planning on asking Brooke to marry me. I talked with my parents again on Sunday, and I told my sister Hannah to come up the next weekend and help me pick out a ring and give me some female advice. I knew Brooke wanted our engagement to be a surprise, so I got her to help me out. I bought her ring Friday, March 10th. On March 14th I went to the temple to get another confirmation, and then the next day I called Brooke’s dad to make an appointment to ask his permission.

Brooke: I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Parker pretty early on in the relationship. I don’t know if there was a specific moment that helped me come to that realization, I just knew. We just had a special connection right from day one, and I knew that what we had wasn’t going to end. My roommate said in early November “You guys will be engaged by the end of March.” At first I thought she was crazy, but as time went on I was feeling more and more okay with the idea. Parker and I had talked about marriage quite a bit by the end of February/beginning of March, and by that time I knew we were going to be engaged fairly soon!

Is there a place that you especially love to visit together? The mountains.

The cutest right?!!! What a great couple!!

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