A website called Compass (it’s a website that helps you find a home to suit you) is running a lifestyle series where they feature bloggers stories on their homes. And for my entry, I thought I’d share my front living room with you. When we first bought our house it didn’t feel like me. It had things I liked about it, but there were definitely things I wanted to change more to my own style. This is the view now when you come right into my front door. To the left.

And to the right. I want to get some new stairs from somewhere like Pear Stairs since these ones are looking a bit outdated. I haven’t got round to ordering any yet though.

When we moved into the room looked quite different. The first thing we did was paint out the wall (it was red – and I wish I had taken a picture of it but I can’t find one right now) and I had it changed back to matching the rest of the walls – then in the last 6 months I had it painted to my favorite color it is now. My brother (who is a carpenter) added in my lovely bookshelves and fireplace, which I REALLY love and then eventually we had the carpet taken out. This picture is the days just after he had installed the shelves.

My kids seemed to wreck havoc onto the carpet and so we had it ripped out and this lovely linoleum put in. Then other tidbits that I added in to make it my own. The couch which I looked at a LOT of couches and I couldn’t find one I liked. I knew I wanted one light colored and finally settled on this one from the Brick. The two chairs are from Pier One and they cost significantly less in the States (which is LAME) so I bought them in the States and someone brought them back across the line for me. The coffee table is also from Pier One but I bought the floor model and so it was cheaper and someone had accidentally written the wrong price on the table and i got it for that cheaper price. (Score) My rug is a recent addition which I got on a GREAT sale. That lovely scalloped mirror over the fireplace is from a girl’s trip down to Great Falls. The pillows on the couch are some from Ikea and some that I sewed.

There are lots of little things around the room that make it our home. Like the shelves of the photo albums and scrapbooks.

The old cameras I collect.

When we first had these bookshelves someone told us we wouldn’t be able to fill them. But I knew we would. We love books! We have lots of them! A couple of times Regan has gone through and made them into shelves of categories. But then we end up lending them and they get moved around. Other things on the shelf that make it us are the wire tree on the top left that my little sister Kelly made. It is very special to me. The cool teal lantern is a recent addition from Mother’s Day. Lucy picked it out for me because she knew I’d love it. ūüėČ

This is the view from the couch leading into the dining room and kitchen.

The wall above the stairs is filled with family photos and other things that mean stuff to us. The Love is Spoken here wall hanging I made. The I Love us print is from the lovely Eighteen 25 girls.

This is the wall in the dining room and it is a recent change too. The gold flocked wreath I made and here is how. The Grateful sign I bought at a farmers market here. The Wooden slice art I made too. The big chalkboard me and my brother made together. The 7 is an old road sign and the Home sign on the plate charger is something my mom made and gave to me.

All these little tidbits that we added to make it into OUR home. I think it’s important to make your home yours. To have it be a reflection of who you are.

All of these changes took time. We would do one thing and then another and it added up over time into a front room that looks and feels like me. And I love that.