One of the most requested recipes I get asked about is Pizza dough. Probably a couple times a week or more. And I have a few that I love. Pizza is one of our main foods we eat as a family. My kids all love it and so does my hubby and me. Making it a win-win around the house. Whether it’s fire cooked in our outdoor pizza oven or in our Wolf range inside all of it is a winner for dinner.

Really what could be wrong with a great crust and endless topping combinations?! While the three little kids most often go for pepperoni or cheese, our two teenagers are more adventurous and willing to try new kinds.

Some of tasty combinations are: (The toppings with a * are to be put on as soon as it comes out of the oven.)

Red Sauce:

  • sausage + fennel +broccoli + mozzarella cheese
  • The classic: pepporoni + mozzarella
  • fresh mozzarella + tomatoes + fresh basil*
  • mozzarella + argula* + prosicutto*
  • mozzarella + oregano + mushrooms + peppers
  • ham + Rosemary + feta + onions
  • churzo + onions + peppers + mozzerella

Pesto Sauce:

  • Apple + Gorgonaolza + walnuts*
  • Chicken + Tomatoes + Mozzerella + Basil*
  • Fresh Tomatoes + Mozzarella

White Sauce:

  • Mozzarella Cheese + Shrimp + crab + sundried tomatoes + green onions* + lemon*
  • Steak + Capers + Mushrooms

BBQ Sauce:

  • Chicken + Red Onions + Mozzarella + Cilantro*

Other ideas:

  • Butter Chicken Sauce + onions + tomatoes* + chutney + chicken
  • Olive Oil (then cooked for a minute) +

And for the Pizza Dough, I’ve tried quite a few and this one from Guy Fieri is my favourite for my outdoor fire pizza oven. It comes from his cookbook Guy Fieri Food.