So I’m pretty excited about this new thing I get to do. I have applied three years in a row and almost didn’t do it this year. I don’t feel like things like this work out for me. But I tried it again anyways. Then the day that I thought the team was going to be announced passed and it confirmed in my mind that things like this don’t work out for me. We were down in Arizona and it was close to my birthday and I was trying to not be too disappointed.

Fast forward a week or two and I went to look at Becky’s blog to see who the design team was. And it said they hadn’t chosen yet. I had already decided that it was’t gonna be me so I got a tiny bit excited but mostly was expecting to not be chosen. Regan and I kept joking around about it with this quote…. ūüėČ

Anyways a week or so later I was on my computer getting my blog post ready for the next day and I got a happy mail from Becky. I was seriously sooooo excited. And I actually have gone back and re read it a few times to see if it was really right. (And I may have been a little nervous that they would change their mind on the last day before it was announced and not put me up the site….)

But it’s real.¬†And now they told the world so they can’t take it back! HA!


So I am doing physical products and you can find¬†my profile and everyone else’s on the site on the Meet the Designers page. A couple of people have asked me what this means. It means that I am a brand representative for the year and share¬†inspiration for using Project Life in exchange for physical product. I already use and love Project Life a lot. I share pages almost every Friday here anyways. I’m a big believer in sharing our stories and that our stories matter. It’s important to me to capture my kids and journal about their lives. All in all it’s pretty much a dream come true. ūüôā

If you are new to my blog and came via Becky’s then Hello! I hope you look around and stay a while and come back again and again.

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