I love Project Life! I’ve been doing it for a couple of years and I will keep doing it!! Not long ago Becky Higgins and her team came up with an iPhone app that does this too. It is totally awesome. I think it is especially good for those moms who only take pictures with their phones. I know there are lots out there that do that. This way you can scrapbook on your phone. It seriously is so quick. Here are two pages I’ve done with it. PL_app


Seriously like 2 minutes each! The besties “Card” in the top was made with Rhonna Farrer’s app


Now I’ve heard a few people talking about printing. No 12×12 printer here! There are a few options.

  1. Download them to your computer and make a blurb book. Bound and all together in one big book.
  2. Costco prints 12×12. I couldn’t find it online but I’ve gotten them printed there before. So does London Drugs.
  3. Persnickety prints. Their pages are cheap to print but their shipping to Canada is REALLY expensive . So you could find someone else to ship with or save a whole bunch of pages up and get them printed and shipped or get them shipped across the border and pick them up (really this would only be worth it if you do lots of this with other shopping too!)
  4. Scrapping Simply prints 12×12 and shipping to Canada is only $5.
  5. www.scrapbooksplease.com prints 12×12
  6. You can use Viovio.com. You have to order at least 24 pages at a time, but they’re less that $1/page
  7. www.sbtoshare.com prints 12×12
  8. www.scrapbookpictures.com prints 12×12
  9. www.mpix.com prints 12×12

Have you tried the app ??

Just Rhonda

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