I’m back today to share another spread from my 2014 album that I’m finishing up. I did a whole lot of spreads this week but I had to have some in for the PL Creative team so those you will see on a later date. But for now, here is a spread. It might seem extra wide cause it is ūüėČ There are some of the PL Page protectors that fold out for another row of pictures. The three on the end fold over. This is from the summer when Regan and I went to Waterton for one night and did a hike the next day. It also has a couple of everyday pictures too.

Project Life

Yup, I make my kids (and their cousins) do exercises before they can play a screen.

Project Life Close up

I had a LOT of pictures from Waterton from my big girl camera, my phone and Regan’s phone. I’m sure I’ll make a book in the future of all of them! Hmmm maybe I’ll make a mini album of them!

Project Life I'll follow you

I love this little stamp!

Project Life

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