I’m moving from Saturday to Friday. (I’m sure that makes a big difference in your life. HAHAHAHA.) I finished off my 2013 album. And I am pretttttttty happy about it!

But these are my first spreads from my 2014 album!! I did the whole first spread from New Years Day since we went to Waterton and I took lots of pictures ūüôā

Then the next spread (just noticed that I only took pics of each side‚Ķ not sure why??) anyways, we filled out these cards with our new years resolutions. (Dad wasn’t home when we did it and he still needs to fill his in!)

Other side of the spread.

Rest of the first week. Showing with the middle insert all about Ukrainian Christmas with my invite here on the back…

And then a list of all the food and guests and the few photos Regan and I took.