Today I’m sharing an easy little thing you can do in Photoshop to make your Project Life Albums a little more personal. Photo Binder labels. They really are quite easy in photoshop!

1. First open up the photo shop Project Life Binder label document that you can go and download here.


2. Then open the picture you are going to use. I found the ones with lots of white space work best. Then there is room to put on words. Here is my first one. Select the whole thing (Command-A), Copy it (Command-C) and then select your other document and Paste it on top. (Command-P)


3. Then transform the picture so that it is small enough to fit inside the pink boxes. (Command-T) Just make sure you hold down shift while you make it smaller so that the proportions are the same!


4. Now is pretty much the only tricky part in the entire process. You make a clipping mask with the layer below it. This puts the picture inside the layer below. You do this by hovering over the line that separates the two (so in this one it would be between layer 1 and Background copy) and a little Box with an arrow will appear. Click on it. Either that or use the right hand button on your mouse while hovering over the line that separates the two layers and select “create clipping mask” Like in this picture:

clipping mask picture


5. Then if you change the background of the background copy layer to black or whatever color is the background in your picture it will become seamless. kwim?


6. Then all you have to do is add a couple text layers for the words.


7. Here are two ready to print. Just print them onto picture paper (or if you don’t have a home printer then you can upload it to your local printer and get it that way.)


Cut them out and slide them into your Project Life Binder labels.


Pretty simple!

project life

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