1. I need email addresses from Christal, Tisha, Sandy, and Jess for the poster. Email me at steedr at gmail dot com and then I can email it to everybody all at once. And YES Christina I can change the words to that easily. I will this week for you.

2. Jessie asked “Where did you get your chip board from?” I got a whole stock pile from a scrapbook store once. Before it was something they sold. It was back when I lived in Nova Scotia and I asked if I could take it home (since with every box of papers they get it has at least 2 pieces of 12×12 chipboard in it.) I’m still living off that stock pile. See it’s GOOD to hoard things eh?? (can we convince Reg of that??) You can save the back of note pads – they are thinner chipboard. Or try the dollar store as they sell sb paper now. OR you buy one of those BIG pads of SB paper from Micheal’s and it has a 12×12 sheet of chipboard at the back connected to it.

3. Visible Voice said “Okay so I’m totally WANTING to make a mini album. I’m wanting to make one that will be more like a creative organizer. A place that I can write blog post ideas, maybe put inspirations in it, have a place for project aspirations and just have it like…well yeah like an organizer. And I want it to be like this one that you made. But I have no idea where to start…and am nervous that it won’t turn out very nice and also…I can’t seem to finish projects that I start like that very well. Like I still have TWO recipe boxes to do. Any ideas??” YES. I’ll show you step by step how to make one. One made completely from scratch and one taking an dollar store notebook and changing it into a cute creative organizer. Just give me a week or so and I’ll show you how to do it!

4. Amy said Man, Eli was a dark haired newborn. Were all you babies like that?
Alden was pretty bald. Just enough to say there was hair. And it was dark. Lucy actually had long poker straight hair that stuck out all over the place. You know those babies with the crazy hair. But she had to have her head shaved in the NICU. At first they only shaved the top in a U shape. And I begged every day for them to shave the whole thing cause I didn’t want the first thing I did when I finally got her home to shave my first GIRL’S head. The last day there they finally did. And she was then bald until oh about 2 YEARS old. 🙂

5. The Lowry’s said…Question for you, where did you find your heart styrofoam wreath? I couldn’t find one to save my life. So instead I bought a circle one and cut a heart out of it. It actually broke on me once I did that and I had to glue gun it together (shh) 🙂