1. I think I will write Martha about the challenge. I’ll have to think what to say. Perhaps I’ll get all your opinions about it when I do. If you’d be up for helping me.

2. My photos of Paige and Eric’s engagement were featured over here today which is pretty cool. I am quite excited to share their wedding pictures too! I’ve been editing them since the kids went to bed.

3. I loooove taking pictures of my kids. And i loooove this new hat, scarf, mitten combo I got for Lucy. Add them together and you get loooooooooove. ūüôā
Goofy Smiles
Nov 2- New Hat and Scarf combo

4. I keep staying up way to late lately. I get caught up doing things after the kids are in bed and then it’s late again.

5. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of the crafts I have made for the sale. I haven’t gotten as much as I wanted to. But I still have one week. And we did LOTS of cute wooden crafts!

6. I LOVE two shows right now. Chuck. And White collar. If you haven’t seen them. Find them on the net. If you don’t know where, I can point you to a few free sites in Canada. Love them!